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A.P.M Inc. Residential has built our client base by caring for them and their residents

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and treating them with respect. It is this approach that has generated loyalty from our clients and investors who entrust their properties to our care. Whether our client’s buildings are large or small, condos or co-ops, we provide the same unsurpassed property management service.

Outstanding Reviews

It is a very pleasant and distinctive feeling to get help from someone who loves what they do. Rental management you experience at A.P.M. will always be stellar because we

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have a great team who are passionate, committed and waiting to help you and your tenants.

We are Hands-on

Weekly visits to your rental property – check! Detailed written foundation-to-roof monthly reports – check! NYC property managers on a first name basis with all your tenants – check! A.P.M. is actively involved in every aspect of your building.


We are Transparent

A.P.M. goes above and beyond the industry standard norms of property management companies in NYC. We update you frequently without asking, and you can reach us easily anytime by phone or walk in. We consistently outperform expectations.

We Are Innovative

Forget Cookie Cutter Management. All owners are different. All properties and circumstances are different. We respect and enjoy those differences and tailor our services and plans to your needs and those of your tenants.

Proactive and Responsive

At A.P.M., we not only respond quickly and efficiently, we proactively correct issues before they become problems. Our solutions are always cost-effective while being best for tenant stability and the

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long-term condition of the property.

Rent Regulation Experts

At A.P.M. rental management company we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Real Estate industry. We are known as experts in rent regulation laws. Our staff is professional, trained and participate in a variety of industry-related continuing education programs.


Multi Family

Single Family Homes

International Investors



Dozens of Owners and Landlords put their faith in A.P.M. Residential and have been richly rewarded with increases in rent roll, rental property value and vastly improved conditions in their buildings. Many Landlords think their building is too small for the expense but A.P.M. Residential’s style of property management pays for itself. Check out the benefits of services offered by our property management company.



Giving A.P.M. a chance is a win-win proposition. After we have worked our magic, you will either hold for a lifetime or sell at the greatly increased value we have achieved. Quite simply, our exclusive system works.



Managing from a Landlord’s viewpoint means not spending money foolishly, cutting expenses and maximizing profit. It means not sleeping at night unless we know you’re happy and your property value is increasing.



There is no match for a team dedicated to acquiring knowledge and keeping ahead of new rules and regulations. We help Owners maximize rents and profits while keeping compliant with all rulings.


A.P.M. Residential is built on a mission to take property management to a whole new level of excellence, our property management methods produce record-breaking results.